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This was our first time in Harbour Island. We have friends who had gone last year and loved it. What a place!!!! From the moment we arrived Paul, the owner and Luc, the chef greeted us. Right there we knew we made the right choice. The beds were just like being at home (amazing). Our entire 6 day stay was like being a guest at his home. You could not find better friendlier staff than this!!!!

Ryan, the bartender was wonderful. He went out of his way to accommodate us each and every day. He was a great captain and guide when we decided to rent a boat for a day. I highly recommend his service. We went to every restaurant on the island. Our favorites were Runaway hill, The Landing and Aquapazza. The food at the hotel is prepared fresh daily by Luc. Wonderful meals!!!!!! We have been to many islands and this was by far our favorite. From the amazing turquoise waters and pink sand beach to the friendliness of everyone on the island. We usually like to try new places when we travel however this will be the one we will most definitely return to. The photos on the website are exactly how the place looks.

fltraveler40, Miami,fl

Spent a relaxing week at Runaway Hill and we enjoyed tiny Harbour Island.

Our room had a beautiful ocean view and the grounds of the hotel are colorfully manicured.

Pink Sands Beach lived up to its lofty expectations. A highlight is viewing the guy who brings the horses on the beach each day. It's quite a photo opp. The ocean water is crystal clear and perfect temperature. The sand is comfortable and flecked with pink coral.

timbuck2, Minneapolis

Everything I have read about this beautiful place is true. There is something about a smaller place that makes you feel like a welcomed house guest. Eleven beautiful rooms, we had a villa, and each and every day was perfect. The staff looks after you, the grounds and all the little things you may need with a laid back style and grace and we couldn't have asked for anything better. The beach of course is amazing.

Within 20 minutes from landing in N. Eleuthera we were at this magical place...the ferry was quick and easy and Reggie was informative as he drove us over from the dock. Make sure you have some small bills to tip the baggage handlers and pay for the ferry which is $5 each.

albee, new york


My wife and I spent four nights here on an anniversary trip -- we spent our honeymoon on Harbour Island but had not been back in the eight years since. We decided last time that, if we came back, Runaway Hill was where we would like to stay.

Runaway is what you would get if you took a bed & breakfast, added a chef and a bar, and placed it on the world's best beach. Everyone on the staff, including GM Paul and bartender Ryan, were extremely welcoming, helpful, and hospitable without being intrusive. The hotel, the grounds, and the beach were impeccably maintained.

All in all, Runaway was exactly what we wanted and we will be back without hesitation.

jbasset, North Carolina


"My wife and I just attended a wedding hosted at Runaway Hill and if I could just sum it up for you, "Without a doubt, the most wonderful experience of our live." Everyone there was courteous and friendly, if you want to go spend some quality time with your family and friends in a more secluded, private piece of paradise this is the only place to be."


Tony G., Middlebury, CT

"I just returned from a week of peace at Runaway Hill. It was beautiful. The hotel overlooks the pink sand beach, and you can watch the spectacular sunrises each morning from the deck, or walk down the path to the beach. Runaway Hill has 11 rooms so it's very intimate. Supposedly I was in the worst room in the place, but it was beautiful. Their linens are unbelievably soft - the sheets are ironed, remember that? The toiletries were lemon scented, the towels think, the room curtains silk. The rooms do not have telephones or televisions. There is a computer in a public area if you need to check your email1, but you can ignore the world pretty easily. The common area contains a library with over 500 titles.

Breakfast is served on the deck overlooking the ocean each morning. Lunch you are on your own, although they will make you lunch if you like.. The food was excellent, fresh and simple, My favorites were the shrimp, and basil soup, the fresh tuna, and the French silk pie, Mmmm. The staff was very accommodating. Something special? No problem. The week that I was there, the guests were very social, shared tables at dinner, and made friends. I felt like I lived there.

I'll be back.

Anonymous, New York, NY

"The beauty and peacefulness of this stay-my first trip to the Bahamas-is hard to put into words, but someone needs to try. "This hotel is truly a gem, with exquisite rooms, romantic dining areas and ocean access and facilities that are second to none. The attention to detail is obvious, and the staff clearly works hard to add the special touch to you stay-just one example being the beautiful tropical flowers on the freshly made bed, each day of my stay. The meals we had were excellent. I have dined at the finest restaurants in America, and the meals at Runaway Hill would stand up in any of those dining rooms. Fresh ingredients, delicate flavors and a sense fo the heart of the Bahamas come through in all of the dishes. The service I experienced makes me want to come back again, and soon. This is a hotel that cares about the comfort of its guests and goes the extra mile to make your vacation something special. Bravo, Runaway Hill Club."