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Inn History

Runaway Hill Inn, formerly Runaway Hill Club has been a fixture on Harbour Island for decades.

The main house of Runaway Hill Inn was an estate home built in the 1940s by a gentleman from Long Island, New York named McElroy. The property was then sold to Maud Patterson.  Maud and her sister Nina Robertson, who were from Australia, converted the house to an Inn which opened in 1957. The Inn was operated successfully until the mid- 1970s.

In 1977,  the Inn was closed for four years, and was later purchased by Maxine and William Miller. Roderica and Bernice Thompson, Glenroy Aranha, all native "Brilanders, and Carol and Roger Becht from the United States.  The new owners began their renovations and the property opened under the name Runaway Hill Club on February 17, 1982.


Purchased again in 2004, a new phase of renovation began.  The focus highlighted the importance of maintaining the integrity, charm and character of the Main House and its storied history.  


Winding along the hilltop at the corner of Love and Colebrook Street is Runaway Hill Inn on 10 acres of lush grounds overlooking the world-famous pink sand beaches.  The Main Dining Room and "The Bar" offer all the ambience of oceanfront dining.  The property includes three buildings, the Main House with five rooms, The Courtyard with three rooms and the Villas offering two rooms and an Owner's Cottage.  The Infinity House, a four bedroom beachfront home was added two years later which now includes a one-room Guest Cottage.